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What a privilege it is to serve God during these exciting times! God is accomplishing great and mighty things, and that’s why It is the right time for us to be partnering in the kingdom of God, we can fulfill the Great Commission and win the world in His mighty name. As a partner in Christ Mission Television Ministry, you join hands with us in taking the gospel to every area of human existence bringing all around fulfillment to the lives of many all around the world.


He has called us to this higher life and identity. The life we have now is his life. This life is a life of love. Love is practical in nature. He does not keep silent about someone's problem; Lips do not move. If love is not manifested in action, it groans; He is hungry; He is thirsty; He loses his rest. He is satisfied when it is manifested in action. It grows and multiplies through work.


The power and mystery of His blood is written by Pastor Tesfahun and may you be a blessing to others by sowing seeds in this book

God wants you to have a free life, one that is free, independent, and free. Be a part of this body by supporting this service.

It is foolish to expect good fruit with wrong teaching! We need to take a closer look at the true and biblical fasting።

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