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A Brief History of Christ Mission Church

The main Pastor of Christ Mission Church has been in prayer seeking the Lord’s face since 1997 EC. In 1999EC the Lord then spoke to him informing him that he was called to do the Lord’s work in Ethiopia. Months passed while waiting for God’s guidance and direction. In that same year, God spoke to him through many ministers of the Lord as a confirmation of his calling. After waiting a year equipping himself with the word of God while seeking the Lord’s face in prayer, He rented a place in 2000EC which served as the first Christ Mission Church base up until 2008 EC. He started a weekly Thursday prayer with his wife Ruth Setegn and another brother which was the foundation of Christ Mission Church. Having stayed in prayer and bible study for a year, they pioneered Christ Mission Church as a legal entity. In 2003EC many who played a huge part in the growth of the ministry becoming a huge blessing for both the Church and the pioneers. Since then, Christ Mission Church has been turning captivities and ministering


To see glorified men and women created in the likeness and image of God.

To see people free from inferiority, emptiness and lack of self-worth and transform them to do the good work the Lord has predestined for them.


The mission of Christ Mission Church is helping people to reach their glories destiny by teaching the word and manifesting the power of God. 


Excellence, Purity, Dominance of the word of God, Encouraging the move of the Holy Spirit, faithfulness, Giving.


Preaching the good news of the gospel to those who have not received the Savior Jesus Christ, both in season and out of season, and to make true followers of Christ.

Senior Pastor

Pastor Tesfahun Mulualem (Dr.)

The Lord met pastor Tesfahun Mulualem as a child and has been serving the Lord for twenty-nine years. By accepting the Lord’s call, he has been preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God to many, and he has served as the pastor of the Church with his wife, Pastor Ruth.

Prophet Brook Tesfahun

From the time he was a child, God revealed Himself to him through visions and dreams. But when he was 12 years old, he came to the Lord in a special way. He has been an instrument in the hands of God for the comfort, healing and liberation of many around the world. He is also well known for giving accurate international and national prophecies. He is now eighteen years old.

Pastor Ruth Setegn

She gave her life to the Lord in the year 2000 in Egypt and has been serving God ever since. During this time, it was known that she was called by God for a great purpose. She enrolled in a theology college and continued her preparation. After graduating, she was eventually ordained as a Pastor and is currently serving the people of God in Christ Mission Church.

Pastor Kumlegn Kefyalew

He gave his life to Christ in 1982. He is now serving in Christ Mission Church leading many to salvation, teaching foundational Christian doctrine, baptzing and freeing those who are in bondage. He currently lives with his wife and three kids in Addis Ababa.

Pastor Arega Eshete

He has been serving the Lord for more than 28 years and at the present time is serving at Christ Mission Church as chairman of the Council of Elders as well as through preaching, prayer and baptizing new souls in the kingdom. Pastor Arega Eshete lives with his wife and his children.

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